Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held on Monday evening 12th September 2016 at the Gravensteen, which is one of the most historic places in Ghent. Information on registration will soon be available.

The Gravensteen (meaning ‘Castle of the counts’) was built in 1180 by count Philip of Alsace. The castle served as the seat of the Counts of Flanders until it was abandoned during the 14th century. It was later used as a courthouse and a prison, but eventually decayed. Houses were built against the walls and even on the courtyard, while the wall stones were used to erect other buildings. In 1885, the city of Ghent bought the castle and started a renovation project. The newly built houses were removed and the walls and dungeon were restored to their original condition.

The Gravensteen castle is still partly surrounded by a moat. Inside is a museum with various torture devices (and a guillotine) that were historically used in Ghent. BBC drama series The White Queen, set in the 15th century, was partly shot inside and outside the castle, with the moat shown in several scenes. The castle was also used for the 2015 movie Emperor, starring Adrien Brody.

Visit the Gravensteen website.